Association Fibres of the Cerebro-Spinal Axis

Association Fibres of the Cerebro-Spinal AxisAlthough strictly speaking all the fibres of the cerebro-spinal axis bring its several parts into association with one another, yet the term association fibres is reserved for such as connect surface portior of the same cerebral hemisphere, or of the same cerebellar hemisphere.

In the cerebral hemisphere there are numerous fasciculi of association fibres; some of them are short and run between adjacent convolutions, others extend for longer distances between more remote areas of the cortex; they are sufficiently indicated in the diagram (Fig. 71). One of the long association bundles - the fornix may be mentioned more particularly.

The fornix begins in the corpus mamillare and curves upwards behind the genu of the corpus callosum to meet its fellow of the opposite side. The two fornices lie in contact for a short distance, and transverse (commissural) fibres pass between them.

The posterior part of the fornix again leaves its fellow, and proceeds downwards and forwards in the descending born of the lateral ventricle to the hippocampal convolution.

The laminae of the cerebellum are connected with one another by long and short association fibres in a manner similar to the convolutions of the cerebrum.