Human nervous system

Human nervous systemThe steadily increasing application of physiological facts to problems in psychology, and the development of the science of psychology, have rendered it essential that someone intersted in psychology should possess some knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the human nervous system.

There are excellent articles on these in most of the textbooks of anatomy or of physiology, but generally the information is too detailed and complicated.

In this website an attempt has been made to present the essential features of the anatomy and physiology of the nervous system in a form sufficiently simple to be understood by a non-medical reader.

At the same time it is hoped that it will prove useful, as an introductory source, for those who desire to know more about the central tracts or for those who have a neurological interest.

In this website you will find general information on nerve cells and the nerve system, the spinal cord and nerves diagrams, the function of the cerebral cortex, human brain anatomy pictures and the human senses like the sense of smell and taste.

This website makes no pretence of dealing with the application of the subject either to psychology or to neuro-pathology. It has been compiled from many sources, some of them might be outdated. All text is for informational purposes only.